Successful Short Sale is an Art of Knowledge, Experience & Powerful negotiation skills

Who is a Short Sale Expert?

  • Realtor who completed at least twenty of the them   successfully
  • Realtor who knows how to price your home "right"
  • Realtor who knows the difference between short   sale process with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA etc
  • Realtor who NEVER misses BPO or Appraisal   appointments
  • Realtor who works on short sale and NOT just   refers it to Attorney and waits for closing
  • Realtor who has GREAT communication skills to keep you updated

What is Successful Short Sale:

  • Debt release
  • No more liability
  • No more stress
  • Check to you at the closing from your bank ($1,000 to $11,000)
  • Ability to recover your credit and be able to buy again in 1-3 years

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